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Education  :  Higher education institutions started building virtual libraries
on 06/12/2006 21:50:00 ( 29 reads )

Universities will present Internet-based courses in subjects of their main specialties. This is a result of the recently launched project to create a national network of virtual libraries for e-learning.

The project to build a network of virtual libraries is the fourth phase of the National Programme for the creation of virtual learning space, adopted in 2002 in response to the initiative "E-learning" the European Commission. Looking material in all subjects should be available on the Internet. The aim of the new project is to create and link national network of virtual libraries in all universities, colleges and institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), thus support the inclusion of Bulgaria in the programs eLearning and eCONTENTplus the European Commission. By the end of the year, the network will include all universities, and in 2007 - colleges and institutes of BAS. Desire for inclusion in the network is expressed by the National Library "St. St. Cyril and Methodius".

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Education  :  Gypsies stabbed teenager
on 06/12/2006 19:00:00 ( 35 reads )

Last night at 17.30 hours Alexander G. / '16 / was stabbed in the heart area. The reason for this is the experience of teenager to save his familiar two horny Gypsies. Doctors in the nursery are adamant that the boy was pulled incredible luck. According to them the blow that inflicted his butcher is designed to kill - bottom-up and then in the heart area. The knife had fallen into the rib and broke before it reaches the heart, and that saved the boy's life. Unfortunately for monster another boy from the company Alexander has shown his cool and reacted quickly. It took out a gas pistol and fired at his head. After the arrival of the police and giving first aid to the injured, two gypsies were taken to the police station for taking of evidence. At least not the perpetrator is unknown. Themis is underway. The information is the newspaper "Night Work"

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Education  :  Students doing business with home
on 06/12/2006 00:20:00 ( 16 reads )

50 cents worth to earn three, the six leads to three lev

new and unique business went around schools in the country. Valedictorian seniors homework their classmates for money.
In Sofia the First English Language School as tenth solve problems in mathematics for 50 cents. Essays on Literature and English walk the lev. Apparently, however difficult German teenagers because homework on this subject have a higher price - between 1.50 and 2 lev.
Although this is common practice among students, many children have never heard of it. One boy even wondered who pays for his homework. Must be very stupid judge the child. Teachers also look puzzled - no, we have not heard any thing. Is not that illegal? Students from 132 th Secondary School in Sofia are quite creative. They have devised a specific price list for all services. One page miniatures task math is 75 cents, and large format - 1.50 lev.

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Education  :  Teacher Take 10 lev give them a prosecutor / continuation /
on 06/12/2006 00:20:00 ( 23 reads )

Daskal also earn from home. The scandal erupted in Varna school "Dimcho Debelyanov" after the signal outraged father. He pressed his son to say why spend so much money during the week at school. Boy admitted that his household them wrote teacher and gets sixes. His success, however costly. The new scam spun teacher in upper. For black business she recruited and colleagues. Tariff for homework was 10 lev Seven lev take appropriate teacher and commission of 3 lev walking back mediators. To earn more, at the end of the term teacher deliberately overloaded with students working at home and wrote all couples without a home. In black business involved teachers in physics, mathematics, chemistry, foreign languages. In a worse situation were mostly teachers Bulgarian. The children knew the password to a paid site and pulled willing subjects. Among teens also squirm trade in domestic, as ready literary theme out 2 lev. Double the price grew more complex and lengthy developments in upper.

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Education  :  placing educational web portal
on 06/12/2006 00:10:00 ( 102 reads )

Today is expected to be officially launched at the National Education Internet portal, reported the newspaper "Monitor". And recall that the site should be operational at the latest by the beginning of the school year, but technical problems delayed its construction startup. The portal will contain free electronic versions of textbooks in the subjects taught in high school. So far made digital courses in 9 subjects in the 8th to 12th grade. Expected and uploading 30 textbooks whose copyrights are bought by MES. The use of training aids students will be by obtaining a special password. The education page there will be tests for seventh graders and high school students. It will be published and additional information on subjects to be taught in school that children can use for self-study. According to the project is expected in the future, students can use the portal to do their homework and be evaluated by their teachers online, informs the newspaper.

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Education  :  they reduced test tasks in Bulgarian and Literature Matura
on 05/12/2006 22:01:11 ( 77 reads )

The duration of the exams increased from three to four hours

chief expert at the education ministry Krasimira Alexandrova said today BNR new amendments from the Ministry of Education in the regulation of educational programs for matriculation examination. Alexandrova said that the number of test tasks in Bulgarian language and literature for the state matriculation exams is reduced from 46 to 40. Another change is that in the tasks in Bulgarian language and literature there will be those who will be given free response and not as planned so far - only tasks where I had to choose between four possible answers. Eliminated the task of creating text with the given parameters. Changes and duration of exams - it is increased from three to four hours. Mandatory matriculation will probably late next year. They will be a test. The first exam is mandatory in Bulgarian language and literature, second - selected subjects taught in high school and the third, which is not binding, also in subject choice. Source: Netinfo Photo: Korbis

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Education  :  Teacher sell home 10 lev
on 05/12/2006 00:10:00 ( 27 reads )

Daskal already earn from home rather than private lessons. Teachers from the school "Dimcho Debelyanov" in Varna turn black with business tasks and topics in literature, alerted indignant father. He learned from his son that the child gives the teacher's pocket ready for home. Teacher in upper been an intermediary between his colleagues and the children. The tariff was 10 lev home. 7 lev taken a teacher, 3 lev - mediators. At the end of Teachers burying children with homework. Source: newspaper "Standard" Read more in overtime HERE

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Education  :  To have the freedom to realize your dreams
on 04/12/2006 23:42:05 ( 16 reads )

Program Director of Darik Radio Konstantin Valkov announced the winner of the contest "My European dream". This is Dancho Sirakov from Sofia. His dream: "To have the freedom to realize their dreams." It will be emblazoned on Darik fountain in the park "Oborishte". The competition involved 490 people. Source: Darik radio

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Education  :  Agricultural University in Plovdiv received a six-year accreditation
on 04/12/2006 22:20:00 ( 10 reads )

Agricultural University in Plovdiv received accreditation for six years, said Of the University Committee on Accreditation has set a very good score, which is the highest rating on a four scoring system. At points Agrarian uninversitet ranks third, after the University of National and World Economy, Sofia University. Agricultural University dates back to 1845 then opens Plovdiv University with two faculties - medical and Agronomy and Forestry, and in 1950 . creating an independent Higher Institute of agriculture "Vassil Kolarov." In 2000 he was transformed into the Agricultural University - Plovdiv. There are five faculties: agronomy, viticulture and horticulture, tropical and subtropical agriculture, plant protection and agri-environment and economy. Train in three stages: bachelor, master and doctor. It offers specialties agronomy, crop husbandry, animal husbandry, agronomy, viticulture and horticulture, Agro-engineering, agronomy of tropical and subtropika, agronomy - Hydro plant protection, ecology and environmental protection, agricultural economics, agricultural tourism.

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Education  :  Two more children died of bacterial meningitis in the country
on 04/12/2006 21:57:21 ( 23 reads )

Two more children died of meningitis, announced the Infectious Diseases Clinic at the University Hospital "St. George" in Plovdiv.

The deceased boys were 2 and 6 years and have been transported from hospitals in Haskovo and Stara Zagora in a highly deteriorated state. Diagnosis of children is "super acute meningococcal sepsis," from the same disease died last week and 17-year-old student from Sofia Mathematics High School. Doctors from Haskovo and Stara Zagora have reacted timely and adequate treatment started, but once failed to eradicate the virus turned for help to Plovdiv infectious clinic where patients were admitted immediately and treatment continued. Despite the efforts of medical teams both boys died. This is an extremely serious illness and almost always ends in death, said prof. Mariana Stoicheva of Infectious Diseases Clinic.

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