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Education  :  Managers pay for courses for workers with vouchers
on 12/12/2006 22:50:00 ( 0 reads )

Association of Licensed vocational training centers announced yesterday that employers will be able to pay for courses for retraining and qualification of workers with vouchers that will be received after company bosses bring a certain amount in the national fund for vocational training and these workers can enroll in any licensed center for qualification. These vouchers are exempt from taxes and are advantageous because an employer can be imported into the fund only 100 lev, but the course for retraining cost 3000 lev. Depending on the agreement between the employer and the money can be recovered in the first 50%. The training ends with an exam. If he is passed licensed centers issue certificates, European language passport and the European CV, which can apply to work in any EU country, adds vestikat. Source: newspaper "Monitor"

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Education  :  Youths beat 15-year-old boy in the city center
on 12/12/2006 22:30:00 ( 3 reads )

Last night, about 21 hours in the city center in the park behind the station "Old Mail" three young men beat up 15-year-old boy. The teenager was taken to hospital with injuries wound to the head and incised wound on the right leg in the pelvic area, where he provided medical care. Later, he sent among them for home treatment. With the case deals First Police Precinct, which works to clarify the details and search for the attackers. At the same time yesterday, but in Varna, 15-year-old teenager beat his classmate. Both are students in Varna vocational school. Confrontation between the two happened in the center of the capital. Beaten boy with traumatic injuries, but no life-threatening. It filed and signal beating in the Second Police Department. Source: Darik radio

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Education  :  Schoolgirls beat 23-year-old, squash them in custody
on 12/12/2006 22:20:00 ( second reading )

The press office of the Regional Directorate "Police" - Plovdiv reported that detained two underage girls for beating 23-year-old woman. Police officers from the Fourth Police Department learned about the attack from the victim who filed a complaint. In her victim she claims that two strangers to her girls she beat the street "Ilarion" near the plant "Kamenica." The police quickly managed to have identified and captured attacker. These are two students from the ninth grade of Plovdiv High School. One of them is already known to police for his involvement in another fight ahead of time. Source:

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Education  :  placing a number of children victims of violence
on 12/12/2006 00:10:00 ( 9 reads )

Chairman of the Committee on Youth and Sports in the National Assembly Svetoslav Spasov announced in Varna that very soon the children victims of violence will be able to send a signal against the oppressor of a single national number for the whole country. It will be a three-digit. Spasov believes that Bulgaria is lagging behind in this area. In other countries, it has long existed. The MP expressed his confidence that religion classes will reduce aggression at school, respectively and violence. According to statistics nearly 70% of the families in our children become victims of domestic violence. Hence aggression is transferred into the school yard and the street. Early next year will be submitted to parliament a draft law on the ombudsman for children. He was taken from Ireland, where a similar law is already working. Source: newspaper "Monitor"

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Education  :  The right wing wants a curfew for students
on 12/12/2006 00:00:00 ( 13 reads )

More serious sanctions for bad behavior at school and zakonopproekt to introduce a curfew suggested yesterday the deputy. Chairman of the DSB and former Education Minister Vesselin Metodiev at a seminar on violence in schools. According to information gathered by MP until our country is not kept any statistics on violence in schools. Metodiev declared to intensify sanctions, which he said will change the behavior of children and their families. Absence from class has nothing to do with freedom, because it is primarily the responsibility explained Metodiev. He recommended increasing the children's essays against violence and to organize events on this topic in schools. According to DSB introduction of religious classes in Bulgarian schools would also help to reduce violence among teenagers. Author: Simeon NEYCHEVI Source: newspaper "Monitor" Photo: Korbis

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Education  :  recorded healthy children in special schools
on 11/12/2006 23:50:00 ( 4 reads )

Only about 5% of children in special schools have disabilities became clear yesterday in announcing the project for pupils with special educational needs. 80 percent of these children are Roma, said prof. Eugene Daynov. According to Education Minister Daniel Valchev one year the number of teachers who work with these children has tripled - from 227 to 685 and the number of students twice - from 1540 to 3845. Children are recorded in these schools to keep the numbers of teachers. This year have been closed and 10 special schools. A phased closing and the remaining 62 such schools. Saved from their maintenance money will go to projects for integration of disabled children. Evgeni Daynov said that currently special schools go "gold" of the ministry, and when they cease to exist, the funds can be redirected. According to him, there are cases when such School has 60 children and 40 people staff. "The school in the village Mindya, for example, had enrolled 80 children and actually taught 50. Of these, only 17 had special educational needs. The staff even had 38 people," said Daniel Valchev. Source: newspaper "Novinar" and k "Monitor" Photo: Korbis

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Education  :  Dvoykadzhiite school and on Saturdays
on 11/12/2006 23:40:00 ( 76 reads )

Education Minister Daniel Valchev proposed dvoykadzhiite to study further, reports the newspaper "Monitor". Enlightened boss believes that if a child consistently has pairs instead of calling his parents would be better to let him learn on Saturday. Minister Valchev believes that there should be an individual approach to students in the educational program. Currently, anyone who can not adapt to the overall rate just dropped. According Valchev with children who are not as good in some subjects must work extra to catch up. Photo: Korbis

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Education  :  "Sofiyska voda" AD started an educational project in the capital schools
on 11/12/2006 20:24:09 ( 4 reads )

Tomorrow in the capital's schools will start a new educational project "Sofiyska voda" AD. The project will represent familiarizing pupils with complex processes of water treatment, how time passes the water before reaching the fountains, and will enable young people to learn about innovative projects that develop "Sofiyska voda". The lessons will be conducted by representatives of "Sofiyska voda", and the project is part of the educational program of the company. The first lesson of the program will be held tomorrow at 74 School "Gotse Delchev", as he will be in English. Speaker will be the representative of "United Utilities' whose subsidiary is" Sofiyska voda ". The lecture is adapted to the knowledge of students from 9th to 11th grade. They will hear the theme "Purification of waste and purification of drinking water." For younger students is provided a lecture about the water cycle in nature, and the information will be presented in the form of games and quizzes. All students who pass this training will receive special certificates. Source: Agency "Focus"

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Education  :  Action to help disadvantaged children
on 11/12/2006 19:44:04 ( 4 reads )

Joint campaign to collect clothes, shoes and toys for underprivileged children organize Town Hall "Trakiya", "Bulgarian Mothers Movement" and "Darik radio." Donations will be given to students from homes "Called," "Zelenikovo" "Asenovgrad" and "Kalofer" and Home for medical and social care - Plovdiv. The action will take place on December 14 from 8.00 to 14.30 hours. The designated collection point donations are in the building of City Hall "Trakia" and schools " Seven Saints "," Sophronius of Vratsa "" Dimitry Matevski "and" Free University ". Clothing shoes and toys will be accepted in kindergartens" Edgar Borough "," Tanya Savicheva "," Sun "," Red Riding Hood "," Desislava, "Edelweiss", "Velimira", "Beloslava" and nurseries "Sunny paradise." Source: Darik radio

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Education  :  Mahat 13th grade in technical
on 10/12/2006 20:20:00 ( 28 reads )

13th grade dropped from 2013. The reason is that it has no benefit was clear from the statement of Education Minister Daniel Valchev to a meeting with the directors of vocational schools in the country. The same material that graduates in technical study all year, can take the form of courses after 12th grade. The removal will slow as 6 years because of the provision that the student must complete a curriculum that is accepted. A new term study current fifth graders and they will be the first that will not make the 13th grade.
At the moment it is not mandatory, but several thousand young people have it saved to acquire additional professional qualifications. Majors in technical schools do not meet the needs of employers. You can not teach a chemist, and within a radius of 150 km there is no chemical plant, experts said. So continue in school councils of vocational schools will enter businessmen. They will write and curriculum. The aim is technical schools to train just such workers it needs. Will reduce the number of subjects and diploma for vocational training will be given in two stages - after the 10th and after the 12th grade. It is not normal to study 5 on the waiter argued Valchev. Author: Theodora Yolcheva / "Standard"

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